Are you a member or supporter of these nonprofit community organizations?


They all have two things in common: 1) Missions that are about strengthening and investing in our communities; 2) They accept money from the Marquardt family – owners of Utah-based for-profit prison and migrant detention company, Management & Training Corp. The Marquardts have positioned themselves as “good guys” in our Utah community by donating to progressive causes, but their generosity doesn't wash away the immorality of caging people. There is nothing progressive about profiting off the prison and migrant detention system, and it’s up to us – and our community organizations – to hold them accountable. 

As members and supporters of these organizations doing good work with and for our communities, we need to raise the bar and hold them to it by asking them to refuse the Marquardt’s donations and influence, remove them from their boards, and put all possible pressure on them to change their business model to one that does not profit off the suffering of human beings.

Equality Utah

Human Rights Campaign

Community Foundation of Utah

Weber State University

Utah Pride Center

United Way of Salt Lake

Utah Democratic Party

National Center for Lesbian Rights

ACLU of Utah


And Justice For All

YWCA of Utah

Plan B Theatre Company

Our Schools Now

Utah System of Higher Education

Rowland Hall

Utah Film Center


Here’s what you can do…


Write a letter or email to the president, executive director or board chair of one of these organizations (look them up online if you don’t know who they are) using the prompts below, and ask them to sign the #ShutDownMTC organizational pledge here, and publicly denounce the Marquardt’s business model.

Check out the letter the Utah Chapter Sierra Club wrote to the owner’s of MTC.


Set up a meeting with the president, executive director or board chair asking them to sign the #ShutDownMTC organizational pledge and publicly denounce the Marquardt’s business model. 


Tips for what to say in the letter or conversation: 

  • Mention what your relationship is to the organization, and why you’ve supported them thus far; 

  • If you have been directly impacted by the prison or immigration system, speak from your personal experience on why this issue matters to you; if you are not directly impacted, speak from your values on why this issue matters to you; 

  • Weave in facts on how MTC is hurting our communities (check out our fact sheet here, and sources here); 

  • Encourage rather than shame – remember this organization is doing good, and you are supporting them in getting in deeper alignment with their mission and the community; 

  • Make a clear ask and hold them to it by following up (writing an email, calling, scheduling another meeting);

  • Send us an update at!